Our ethos

These are our values

This isn’t complicated.

Your data – one of your biggest investments and greatest assets – is yours. It should stay yours.

We, too, believe in the sanctity of data.

So we keep your data safe. We never mine or share it. We will never make it available to foreign governments or intelligence agencies.

We can promise this because we are a 100% British concern. US-owned hosts can’t make this promise. The likes of Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, and GoDaddy are all compelled to reveal data if ordered to. Even if that data is held in Ireland, the UK or elsewhere in Europe.

All the support you need
We also believe in supporting our customers, regardless of their size or needs. So we offer a range of benefits like:

  • A scalable technical infrastructure that helps you grow your business
  • Enterprise-level servers that deliver both public and private cloud infrastructure
  • A simple and transparent pricing policy that keeps you in control
  • No hidden costs, no sliding scales, no thresholds, no complex cost calculations
  • A straightforward business model that lets you plan for the future, no matter how much your data needs change

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