Updates, updates, updates

Just as you, our customer, ensures that all of your software on all of your:

  • laptops
  • desktops
  • tablets
  • mobile phones
  • fileservers

is fully updated, and patched to the highest levels (you do this, don’t you?), we also ensure that everything in our infrastructure is fully protected.

How hard do we work at protecting our infrastructure?

Very hard.

In the full month of January 2016 (1st – 31st), we deployed 54 security updates/patches on our systems.

That’s not one patch deployed 54 times, those are 54 different patches/updated applied across our infrastructure.

Every operating system, every Office product, every piece of software that we use, and that you, our customers uses, must be the most up-to-date, most secure, most robust product that exists.

Because if it isn’t, then we have failed.

And we are not in the business of failing.

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