Security. Our concern. Every one of us

On the one hand we are told (especially by David Cameron, PM), that encryption is a Very Bad Thing, and the less encryption we have, the better things will be (for the Government who wants access to all of our data).

On the other hand there are hundreds of thousands of people out there in the world who are trying to hack our systems for fun.

And there are a smaller number of people out there who, with much more determination and with many more powerful resources than the first group, are trying to hack our systems for money.

I use the word ‘our’ in those two paragraphs to show that the hacking targets for these people include every single individual, and every single business in the UK.

What can we do about this?

What can individuals or businesses do?

As individuals, we need to be careful.

Don’t use obvious passwords, and don’t use passwords that are easy to guess.

If you do have trouble remembering passwords, and the name of your cat is really all you can recall, then at least spell Tiddles’ name like TiDDl35! (see what I did there?)

And yes, you need to consider encrypting your hardware.

And if you are a business?

How do you protect your corporate self, and all of your data, and all of your customers’ data from theft?

And how do you protect your systems from being locked out, and being held to ransom?

Well, if you don’t have the time or the staff to roll out and manage a changing set of high-end encryption standards, then you let us do it for you.

Our hardware is bare metal encrypted.

Our systems are software encrypted.

And your data will be safe and secure if you use us as your Backup as a Service.

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