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I was on a phone call with Gartner yesterday.

Gartner, as you are probably aware, are┬áthe world’s leading information technology research and advisory company; possibly the largest firm of IT consultants on the planet.


I was talking to Gartner about them undertaking a review of our services.

They were enthused with what are doing, and like the way we are doing it.

When I asked Gartner about the offsite backup protection that most companies have, they said their research shows that most small-medium employers either have no offsite protection, or have inadequate offsite protection.

So I asked what their research indicated was the recovery rate for most small-medium employers, after a break-in, or a fire, or some other disaster.

This was their response:

1 in 4 businesses never recover from a disaster
1 in 4 businesses never recover from a disaster

Chilling. And not in a good way.

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