Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my company need Backup as a Service (BaaS)?
An insurance policy can replace a stolen laptop but it can’t retrieve lost data. Which of those would cause your company more expense and hassle? Now consider the implications of a major failure in your business infrastructure. Spreadsheets, designs, databases, mailing lists, HR records, financial/sales transactions emails – all gone. Sometimes literally up in smoke.

The insurance policy for disasters like that is our private storage Backup as a Service, or BaaS.

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Why does my company need Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)?
Most companies reach a stage when the performance of their servers is a cause for concern or when server patch management is becoming a headache. If you have these or any other worries about the state of your infrastructure, you should talk to us.

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How does this work? And am I going to spend a lot of time talking to you?
It works really simply, and no, you aren’t going to be talking to us a lot of the time.

Say you have a total datastore of ten terabytes (10Tb). We will build you a dedicated private (or hybrid) cloud storage space for you, to that amount. And you use it whenever you want. We will also backed up your data twice every 24 hours. And we guarantee there will be no hidden extras, no access fees tucked away. And there will be absolutely no nonsense.

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What guarantees can you give about the security of our data?
Because we are a 100% British company, we can guarantee that your private and public data will remain yours. No element of our operation is owned, hosted by or managed by any overseas company. In addition, our servers are protected by three separate firewalls and your data is held in a fully encrypted format.

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Why the emphasis on being British?
It’s a security thing. If your data is held by an American company, it doesn’t matter where the datacentre is located – the UK, Ireland or mainland Europe – that data technically belongs to Uncle Sam. Our belief is that your data should remain yours.

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Are there any risks in hosting data externally?
Potentially, yes. It depends who’s doing the hosting. Your data could be less than secure if the datacentre isn’t protected against power surges or equipment failure. Of if it relies on just one or two storage disks. Or if its firewalls aren’t totally reliable, allowing one company to gain access to another’s information.

Needless to say, you need have so such qualms with AstraHosting.

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Why should my company consider AstraHosting?
Because of our track record. The brains behind AstraHosting has played a pivotal role in implementing IaaS and BaaS, as well as large-scale ICT disaster recovery and business continuity services, for over thirty years.

He has been involved in £ multi-million datacentre projects in the public, commercial and academic sectors. The most recent IaaS project he delivered was a UK government finance system processing payments of £52bn a year.

He created AstraHosting in order to deliver secure and cost-effective back-up and infrastructure services to smaller and medium-sized companies who are information-rich but technology-poor.

So perhaps the question should be: why should you not consider AstraHosting for IaaS or BaaS?