Back-up as a Service (BaaS)

What do we get with BaaS?

Our basic service is far from rudimentary.

With BaaS, your data is backed up to dedicated private cloud storage. It’s protected by a range of sophisticated technology, including surge-defending hardware with an uninterruptable power supply, bare metal encryption on the servers and virtual encryption for access to files and databases. (We’re happy to explain if you’re unsure what any of this means.)

Benefits at a glance:

  • You choose when to back your data up; daily, weekly, monthly back-ups, or whenever you want to
  • No data transfer limits
  • No volume limits
  • No restore limits
  • One transparent price for all BaaS private cloud storage functions
  • UK-based servers, unreachable by foreign governments

And technically?

  • Your own virtual machine
  • Your own SQL database
  • Your own durable, highly available, and massively scalable storage
  • Your own VPN Gateway for secure, cross-premises connectivity

Want to find out more?

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