How does your private cloud storage work?

How does your private cloud storage (Backup as a Service) work?

The question is as easy to answer, as you would expect from professionals.

  1. We agree with you the amount of storage space you require
  2. We set this volume of space up on our private cloud storage (BaaS) servers
  3. We create your company user and permissions
  4. We produce a simple means of automatically compressing your data, and copying it to our secure private cloud storage servers, for you
  5. We set the compression and the copying processes to run as often as you want it to
  6. Your company data is backed up to our private cloud storage (BaaS) servers and then (and this is the clever part)
  7. Your data will also be backed up to our secondary datacentre every night, for extra resilience

And that’s how simple we have made this.

For your piece of mind, we will keep a log of every one of your data transfers.

We will make these logs available to you in a regular update report.

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